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'Housewives' stars: Photos of abuse 'shocking'

Three of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Caare speaking out about the alleged abuse of co-star Taylor Armstrong by her late estranged husband, Russell Armstrong.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are speaking out about the alleged abuse of co-star Taylor Armstrong by her late estranged husband, Russell Armstrong.

“Shocking,” Vanderpump told’s Laura Saltman on Wednesday when asked about graphics images of their co-star with a black eye, an injury Taylor claims was caused by the late Russell, who committed suicide last month.

“I was over at her house [approximately] three weeks after it happened, and I was devastated and upset for her that she went through this,” Grammer said.

“It’s very hard to accept that, to look at that,” Vanderpump said of the photos that were reportedly sold to a TV show.

“Very difficult photos to look at,” Richards added.

Vanderpump said she was with Taylor Armstrong the same day the alleged violence took place.

“I was with her that night that all this ensued and they looked to be in a good place,” Vanderpump recalled. “It was very confusing, their relationship and you see that on the show. ... They were in a good place when I left them at 1:30 in the morning. They were in a good place, absolutely.”

Vanderpump explained that she was with Taylor and Russell at a party, but declined to say if the couple had been drinking. Vanderpump said that Taylor had to undergo surgery after the alleged incident.

Saltman asked the Bravo stars about Taylor’s apparent decision to release and sell the photographs.

“That’s something you’d have to ask Taylor, but I mean, she does have a child to support,” Richards said, referring to Taylor’s 5-year-old daughter, Kennedy.

“She has been left with this crumbling kind of deck of cards of a facade, that not only did she lose the father of her child, her support, her whole lifestyle and everything crumbled around her,” Vanderpump added. “So, I think we have to be supportive in whatever choices she makes.”

Grammer agreed with her co-star, saying, “[Taylor] is under so much scrutiny and all we need to do is just support her as much as we can.”

Richards added, “She’s going through so much right now.”

On Wednesday, a rep for Taylor Armstrong told Access he could not comment on the reported sale of the graphic images.