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'Housewife' Ramona desperate to be the new Bethenny?

Bethenny Frankel is no longer one of the “Real Housewives of New York City,” but she still plays a part in the drama going on in the current season of the show.

According to Radar Online, cast member Ramona Singer is so desperate to follow in Frankel’s footsteps that she’s feuding and fighting with a fellow housewife to make it happen.

"Ramona has always been jealous of Bethenny and didn't even want her on the show at first," a source said.

But after seeing the success Frankel found on and off “Housewives” with fans, a spin-off show and a profitable line of low-cal cocktails, Ramona allegedly learned to appreciate what her rival had and even hoped to find a way to get it for herself.

"Ramona thought that if she got in a fight with Jill (Zarin) she could be the Bethenny of this season and gain a ton of fans like Bethenny did and build her (Ramona Pinot Grigio) wine to be as successful as Bethenny's Skinnygirl (cocktail) brand,” the source told Radar Online.

Well, that’s one way to explain the legendary Singer vs. Zarin fight from a couple of weeks ago.

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