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Kevin Spacey will give you chills in 'House of Cards' season 3 trailer

House of Cards Season 3

Fresh off Kevin Spacey's Golden Globe win for playing politician Frank Underwood on Netflix's "House of Cards," a new trailer for the series has fans knocking on wood for a dynamic third season.

"You want to know what takes real courage?" Spacey's Underwood says in a voice-over. "Holding it all together when the stakes are this high." After a montage of intense political images, Underwood's wife Claire (fellow Golden Globe winner Robin Wright) laments, "We're murderers, Francis," to which her equally Machiavellian husband counters, "We're survivors."

In December, the "House of Cards" Twitter account teased the upcoming season with a silent, 12-second video of the Underwoods climbing the steps of Air Force One.

At last night's Golden Globes, Spacey palled around with "House of Cards" co-star Kate Mara, prompting the show's Twitter account to have some fun with a reference to a spoiler from last season.



Netflix will release the third season of "House of Cards" Feb. 27.

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