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'Hot teacher' is a sensation after dressing like Drake, dancing to 'Hotline Bling'

A math teacher's Drake-inspired dance moves have gone viral. Oh, and he's really hot.
/ Source: TODAY

The notions of "hot" and "math" don't quite add up — until you bring this awesome and totally adorable math teacher into the equation.

He dressed up as Drake for Halloween and danced to the hit song "Hotline Bling" in front of his pre-calculus students.

And he looked oh so fine doing it!

Twitter user G Maya, who uses the handle @JealousOf_Maya (And, yes, we are now very jealous of you!) uploaded a video of her pre-calc teacher dressed as Drake for Halloween and performing the singer's signature moves from his new music video.

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The video has been favorited over 55,000 times and been retweeted over 45,000 times.

And the Twitter commenters are going crazy!

Twitter is exploding over this hot math teacher performing Drake dance moves for Halloween

"Hot teacher," whose true identity has yet to be revealed, is unquestionably good-looking, but part of what makes him so appealing is his shy and humble behavior.

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He shows some reluctance in performing the moves, but gives in at the insistence of his students.

Hotline Bling - Drake
Drake from the video for "Hotline Bling."DrakeVEVO / YouTube

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'Hot teachers' dancing

Also, how cool is it that the guy even took the risk?

Many teachers might fear becoming a target for mean-spirited jokes in such a scenario, but this teacher put himself out there, regardless.

And the students loved it!

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