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Hot grandpa? See the vintage photo that has the Internet swooning

/ Source: TODAY

When one Reddit user shared a vintage photo of his grandfather, he could have never guessed the simple army-issued pic would inspire a big reaction — or that the reaction would be an almost-unanimous declaration of "Your grandpa is hot!"

But that's just what many of those on Reddit and Imgur said when they saw this undeniably easy-on-the-eyes image:

"My grandfather in 1950 before deploying to Korea," redditor Togakure wrote alongside the shot uploaded to the OldSchoolCool group.

And soon enough Togakure learned that his grandfather was more than just cool.

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There was something about the glint in grandpa's eyes, his pearly white teeth and those chiseled cheekbones that left total strangers swooning — and commenting. Some highlights:

  • "Did your grandfather serve as a model in the military?"
  • "They don't make men like they used to."
  • "That is one good looking man."
  • "I volunteer to be your grandma!"

And there was at least one request for more photos.

  • "Any of your grandpa without a shirt? I need it for reasons."

But mostly everyone just wanted to know if "hot grandpa" was still around these days.

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"He's still alive and well," Togakure wrote in response to gramps' many fans.

And here's hoping he's now hearing all about his new admirers.

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