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Hosts of 'The View' blast John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter

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Rielle Hunter

 Whoopi Goldberg went nuclear on John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter on "The View" Tuesday.

"In your book, you trash a dead lady," Goldberg stated matter-of-factly, referring to Hunter's new tell-all book, "What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me." "That was kind of crappy." 

Hunter answered, "I wrote the book to tell the truth. I was truthful about their dynamic."

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During the interview, Hunter acknowledged that despite recent photographs of the happy family on a North Carolina beach, they have now split ways. 

Hunter dodged questions as to whether the break-up was caused by her memoir. "I don't want to hide any more," she said. "It's hard under media scrutiny, and it's taken its toll."

Hunter spent a good part of the interview trying to defend herself.

"I'm not a mistress, I'm a mom," Hunter said.

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Elizabeth Hasselbeck wasn't buying it: "Truth be told, you were a mistress."  

Hunter went on to say that it was the "most devastating moment" of her life when John Edwards publicly denied paternity of their child, and his aide Andrew Young offered to claim the baby. 

"That's when I said, okay, all of you people are crazy, and I'm going down that road too," Hunter said. 

To close the interview, Barbara Walters said a "bone to pick" with Hunter, noting that, in her memoir, Hunter accused Walters of "bullying her" after Hunter gave an exclusive interview to Oprah after meeting with Walters first. 

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"I have no idea what you mean by that," Walters said. "I've done thousands of interviews and I've never screamed at anyone — I've made people cry, but I've never screamed."

"It's not the first time, and it won't be the last, that people remember things differently," Hunter responded.   

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