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Horrified 'Undercover Boss' shuts down restaurant

On CBS's reality show "Undercover Boss," one boss was pushed so far by the horrible behavior of a restaurant manager that he came out from undercover, revealed his identity, and shut the whole restaurant down.

It's a moment of sweet revenge that any employee who has ever had a bad boss would love to experience. Rick Silva, CEO of Checkers & Rally's fast-food chain, was pretending to be a regular employee at a Florida Checkers location on the Feb. 17 episode.

After he witnessed the location's new general manager repeatedly abusing staff, he tried to talk to the man.

"I came into this company just like you," the manager told the undercover CEO. "Wanting to be nice, low tone ... it doesn't work. If I don't scream at them, they don't listen to me."

The manager demanded to know Silva's credentials for telling him what to do, saying he wasn't going to let him continue to tell him he was disrespecting the employees.

"Have you been in the fast-food business before?" the manager asked Silva curtly.

After at first trying to protect his secret identity, the CEO came clean.

"I have been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. And I've been in the fast food business for over 20 years," Silva admitted. "I'm CEO for this company. I know exactly what it takes to run a restaurant like this, and guess what? I know the right way to do it, and I know the wrong way to do it. ... Right here, right now, we're going to shut the restaurant down."

Silva later told Nation's Restaurant News, "We closed the unit down during that Sunday night shift temporarily. The next morning, it reopened with a new manager, and it’s been running fantastic since then."

Watch Silva reveal himself to the manager in the video below.

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