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'Homeland' star Damian Lewis says Brody and Carrie 'are over'

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If Carrie isn't Brody's lover next season on "Homeland," he'll probably want to keep an eye over his shoulder.

You don't have to be a super spy to get some scoop on the next season of "Homeland." Just listen to what actor Damian Lewis has to say about his character Nick Brody and love interest Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes).

Lewis told Digital Spy last week that he knows what's going to happen through episode six of the upcoming third season of the Showtime series.

"I think Brody and Carrie are over," Lewis said of his war hero turned would-be terrorist and the CIA agent who loved him. "I don't think those two can be together. Can you imagine them being married and bringing up kids? I don't think it would last long. They'd be in the divorce courts pretty quickly. So I don't think that's a story that's got many legs."

Anyone hoping for more weekend romps at Carrie's cabin will be bummed by Lewis' assertion. But he does have a point that Sgt. Brody raising kids with the woman who's supposed to be chasing him just doesn't make sense. After all, how could they turn out as well as this one and this one?

Lewis and Danes both won best actor Emmy awards, and "Homeland" was named best drama series last fall.

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