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Holy Hannah! Lena Dunham's 'SNL' promos come with a side of partial nudity

"Saturday Night Live" is going to be full of Girls! Girls! Girls! this weekend — well, OK, mainly one key girl. The creator/writer/director of HBOs' hit series "Girls," Lena Dunham, is hosting, and promos for her appearance (filmed with cast member Kate McKinnon) promise attitude, celebration and partial nudity.

In the nearly four-minute clip, a series of short promos show the women clowning around in a generally restrained, if hilarious, way. Dunham informs McKinnon that despite what she thinks, there is no "Girls" ride at a major theme park. McKinnon later tells Dunham that she would love to have a role on her show in which she follows Dunham's Hannah around and "does everything with her." When Dunham demurs, McKinnon shifts gear and asks, "What if I was just a person who killed Hannah and then lived as her?"

"OK, I want this promo to end now," says Dunham.

They also have a revelatory moment that they are "two young feminists in the house," and immediately set to celebrating by shaking their groove things.

And what would a Dunham-hosted "SNL" promo reel be without at least one nudity joke? (Dunham frequently appears in the buff on "Girls.") McKinnon shows up topless (and partially pixalated) and berates Dunham for not showing up with her in matching outfits, as they'd agreed. "I changed my mind," says Dunham, advising McKinnon go stop by the "shirt store" later on.

"Ya think?" snaps McKinnon.

Dunham visits TODAY on Friday, then returns to 30 Rock on Saturday, March 8 for "Saturday Night Live," which airs at 11:30 p.m. The National will appear as musical guests.