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Holmes won’t deny engagement to Cruise

Actress says she, ‘War of the Worlds’ star have talked marriage
/ Source: Access Hollywood

By now, you’ve heard just how in love Tom Cruise is with his girlfriend of seven weeks, Katie Holmes.

But you haven’t really heard her side of this whole thing — until now.

Could Katie possibly feel just as strongly as Tom does? The answer is, “Yes.”

“I'm so happy. I mean I … I'm thrilled,” she said. “I'm so in love with Tom and that's all that I care about. He's just the most amazing man in the whole world.”

But just how fast are they moving? Are they already engaged?

Katie wouldn’t deny it when asked.

“Look, I can’t lie,” she said. “We have to talk about that, Tom and I. But I’m ... it just make me smile when you (ask about) that.” Katie was amused by Tom’s recent antics on Oprah, which included jumping up and down on the sofa when asked what she means to him.

“I sat there and I was, like, ‘I am the luckiest woman in the whole world.’ That’s how I feel. When I saw him I was, like, ‘Tom, where’s the door?’ Oh, God, you know? I was excited, sure. I’m going to come. When Tom calls for me, I’m coming.”

Unfortunately, all the fun is about to end, temporarily. As Tom and Katie each have new films opening, Tom with “War of the Worlds,” opening June 29, and Katie with “Batman Begins,” opening June 15.

The duties attached to promoting both films will mean more time apart.

“I miss him right now,” said Katie. “And it’s been like an hour.” Katie acknowledged that the promotional tour will be the longest she’s been without Tom since they first went public with their romance.

At least the fans will be supportive. A poll on a Katie fan site on the web said 35 percent were flabbergasted by the union; 28 percent said, “Go get him, girl!” And 4 percent asked if anyone had revived Katie’s dad!

The last comment made Katie laugh, but she quickly added, “He couldn’t be happier. They’re (her parents) are so excited. I mean, I just keep calling home and my mom is like, ‘Honey, I’ve never heard you like this. I’ve never seen you like this. And it’s so great!’ ’’