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Holmes says Scientology ‘a wonderful thing’

Actress admits she has looked into joining controversial group
/ Source: Access Hollywood

At the premiere of "Batman Begins," Katie Holmes was kidded by Billy Bush about whether she had taken time to sit down with Tom Cruise and talk about their engagement plans, as she had mentioned she would in his previous day's interview with her.

"You'll be the first to know," said an amused Katie, laughing.

A busy schedule of "Batman Begins'' premieres will see Katie roaming the world in the next few weeks. Tom will also be on the road for "War of the Worlds," which debuts later in June.

Will the two reunite in Rome, where their romance first became public?

"I know we're going," she said. "We're both on these tours. So we're going to meet up, I think, in different cities. I'm not quite sure. We still have to go over it."

One thing Katie has already gone over is Scientology. She was asked if she is a Scientologist and if she had looked into it herself.

"I have looked into it myself and I really like it and I think it's really wonderful," said Katie.

Has she tried any auditing?

"Yeah, yeah," said Katie. "And it's really ... I feel like I'm bettering myself. So it's great."