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Holmes says motherhood made her ‘wiser’

Katie Holmes says she’s become “wiser” since becoming a mother to 2-year-old daughter Suri, and that parenthood instantly made her “stronger,” a quality she’s utilized to shoot down pregnancy rumors and questions about her marriage to Tom Cruise.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Katie Holmes says she’s become “wiser” since becoming a mother to her 2-year-old daughter, Suri, and that parenthood instantly made her “stronger,” a quality she’s utilized when it comes to shooting down pregnancy rumors and handling the media’s scrutiny of her marriage to Tom Cruise.

“Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience — in an instant you become strong,” Holmes told Glamour in its special 70th anniversary issue for April. “You have to be a little bit wiser; it’s the most important job in the world.”

One aspect of motherhood that Holmes said has been a challenge is the attention she’s received from tabloids and blogs.

“Some of the stuff (people said) was such absolutely horrible things to say about a child. It was so uncalled for and so disgusting. Enough is enough,” Holmes said of the persistent gossip about her family.

Holmes said her husband has helped her adjust to motherhood in the spotlight.

”(Tom and I) were changing diapers. He said, ‘I don’t want you to get upset.’ And I said, ‘Well, I am upset.’ So we approached it together,” Holmes recalled. “But I definitely felt like — as a woman, as the mother of Suri — I want to handle this! My mom is very strong, and if anyone ever said anything about any of us, she would be, ‘Excuse me? That’s my family!’”

Another rumor Holmes is constantly dodging is the pregnancy one — something she tried once again to put to rest.

“Well, I’m not pregnant right now,” Holmes said

Holmes even offered an olive brand to her detractors.

Katie Holmes

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Katie Holmes

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“Why don’t you come over and have dinner? See what there is to see,” Holmes told the mag, explaining that her family’s life is not unlike most people. “We’re all together. We like to be together, so we use the house for our (business) meetings. (We) play Yahtzee, board games, Scrabble. We grill; have pool parties. We play ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and Suri is the Big Bad Wolf. (Tom) reads storybooks to Suri, and we all laugh. When a good song comes on, he’ll break out in a dance. We’ll watch movies in bed — recently ‘Madagascar’ and ‘Cinderella,’ for Suri. We really have a good time.”

Holmes said she knew life with Cruise would be a “good time” from the moment they met.

“When I met Tom, I knew in an instant that we were going to be together, that we were going to get married. He does have a very big life. And you know, we just do it. And, as a woman, you make that transition from being single to (being) a partner. I have a teammate, and it’s like, we’re going to make this work,” she explained.

And as for their 16-year age difference, Holmes said it has never been an issue for her and Cruise.

“It was never a concern. I know one would think, Now, how is that? But really, we both like to work, we both like our families. It’s being there, being supportive, being an ear,” she continued.

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The 30-year-old told the mag she knew she was destined to marry Cruise back when he was known Maverick.

“When ‘Top Gun’ came out, my sisters were like, ‘Oh, my God, ‘Top Gun!’ Tom Cruise!’ And I very confidently said, ‘I’m going to marry him one day.’” She recalled. “It wasn’t like, How do I get to Tom Cruise? It was just: I think I’m going to marry him. Why not? He’ll like me. I’m fun.”

Holmes said they plan to spend their third wedding anniversary in Rome, where they got married.

Besides motherhood and married life, the actress said her career is still very important to her.

“I want to do it all. Bad girl, good girl, complicated girl. Aren’t we all complicated?” she told the mag. “And I like all different genres: comedies, dramas, action, musicals. I’m taking jazz and ballet lessons.”

And when it comes her future handling of the sometimes-harsh media, Holmes said she has a plan — to just continue what she’s been doing.

“I feel the best response [to all those tabloid stories] is just going about my life: enjoying life, making movies, being a good mom and a good wife, and focusing on that,” Holmes said. “Because if you’re doing well, what can they say?”