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Holmes plans for wedding day and new baby

Star has learned to knit and is ‘excited’ about upcoming wedding
/ Source: Access Hollywood

It was only two weeks ago that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced they are expecting a child to the world.

And on Wednesday night, Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos landed an exclusive interview with a pregnant Katie, as she was out on the town.

And Katie was more than happy to tell about the upcoming TomKitten.

“We're so excited,” Katie beamed.

“Tell me what it's like. I mean, you are pregnant. You are marrying the man you've always dreamed of,” Maria said. “It's such a story book.”

“I know. I'm beaming and I'm just so excited,” Holmes smiled.

It's truly a thrilling time for Katie, as Maria found out during their lil' girl talk at the Rock 'n Republic Fashion Show.

“Are you guys going to start putting together the baby room and stuff?” Maria asked.

“Yes. We're getting that together and I'm learning how to knit,” Katie revealed.

Knit? Does that mean baby booties and the whole nine yards? But enough about that, we want to know when the happy couple will tie the knot after getting engaged in Paris in June.

“Have you guys started putting wedding plans together yet?” asked Maria.

“We are. We don't have a date just yet, but there is so much excitement going on,” Katie said. "It's just amazing!”

And what about the groom-to-be? What does Tom think about the impending nuptials?

“He's thrilled,” Katie told us.

“Is he filming right now?” Maria inquired.

“He's filming 'Mission: Impossible 3,'” Katie answered. “I'm on my way to visit him right now.”

Katie watched the fashion show seated next to Victoria (aka Posh Spice) Beckham, who designed a denim collection for Rock N' Republic.

But later in the evening, things got a little out of hand when Posh went backstage and Michael Ball, designer and CEO, had Posh escorted out by security.

Maria caught up with the parties involved backstage to find out what happened.

“Are you guys in love again?” she jokingly asked Victoria and Michael.

"Yes we are. We had a lovers spat," Ball said with a smile.

“It gets heated back here at times,” Maria noted.

"Very heated. There's a lot of pressure to put this on,” Michael explained.

And Maria had even more business to do while she was backstage, as she was one of the many models to walk the runway.