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Hollywood Reacts to Charlie Sheen's Meltdown

"contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing charlie sheen on two and half men. however, martin sheen has asked me to be his son" --John Stamos
/ Source: E!online

"contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing charlie sheen on two and half men. however, martin sheen has asked me to be his son" --John Stamos

In between Charlie Sheen rants, Hollywood's getting a word in edgewise. Stars and show runners are popping up all over to comment on Sheen's breakdown, defend show runner Chuck Lorre and address the impact on the crew and actors who have been put out of work as a consequence of the general fracas.

Here's what friends, enemies, fellow comedy actors and other show runners had to say about the dramz:

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Bill Prady, who cocreated The Big Bang Theory with Chuck Lorre, tweeted in defense of the colleague and friend who Sheen glibly called "Haim Levine," saying, "No comment, except to say that his real first name is Charles." ( Prady is right.)

Hart Hanson, who created Fox's Bones, tweeted yesterday, "Note to Bones cast: thank you for not ranting at me. Also, thank you for knowing my name."

Kurt Sutter, who created Sons of Anarchy for FX, posted an extensive, thoughtful blog post about the situation. The post, entitled " Two Men," called both Sheen and Lorre friends, described the complicated relationship between show runner and star as something like a marriage, and stated, "Pulling the show, as devastating as it will be to the thousands it employs (including my sister-in-law), is the most humane thing to do."

Cheryl Heuton, creator of CBS' long-running drama Numb3rs, tweeted, "You want to claim your show creator owes you all his success, you should choose a guy who doesn't have another 10 hit shows you weren't in." Preach it, sister.

Adam McKay, who is Will Ferrell's writing partner and the force behind tweeted, "Pulled a Sheen today and challenged my boss to a fight in the octagon and he fired me. WTF?"

And Shawn Ryan, the executive producer behind The Chicago Code, The Shield and Lie to Me, summarized how most people are feeling right now, "And for the record, in the Charlie Sheen v Chuck Lorre feud, I'm Team Chuck."

On the actor side of things, in addition to John Stamos' humorous denial that he would be joining the cast of Two and a Half Men as Charlie Harper No. 2, Eric Stonestreet, the award-winning star of ABC's Modern Family, also tweeted a faux denial, saying, "It is ABSOLUTELY FALSE that @ jessetyler [costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson] and I have been asked to replace Charlie Sheen on a weekly and rotating basis."

The Office writer-producer Mindy Kaling tweeted, "@ rainnwilson must be so excited all this charlie sheen stuff is distracting from his own porno drug tyrant behavior on our show." (Totes, right?)

Last but not least, comedian Sarah Silverman pointed out, quite wisely if you ask us, "If I hung out w 20 year old porn stars all the time time I'd think I was a genius too. #Sheenius "

What's your favorite Sheen reaction so far? What are your thoughts on the actor's career suicide?

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