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Hoffman takes on Hollywood

"Meet the Fockers" star Dustin Hoffman blasted the movie industry as being “in the craphouse” while promoting the flick in the U.K.
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Dustin Hoffman sounded like a real Focker when he blasted the movie industry recently.           

The star of “Meet the Fockers” blasted the movie industry as being “in the craphouse” while promoting the flick in the U.K.

“The whole culture is in the craphouse. It’s not just true in the movies, it’s also true in the theatre,” Hoffman said. “Broadway, and now London is the same, special effects are in great demand. It’s not a good time culturally.”

At the press conference, the star revealed the method-acting technique he used to capture the nuances of his character. “We didn’t want those so-called amorous scenes you see on screen which are bull[bleep]... where they’ve got their tongues down each other’s throats and the camera pans down to the ground to see her panties,” he said, and went on to say, “So we did what felt real. I whispered to Barbra in one scene ‘I love your breasts, they look great today.”

Paris may go solo

Paris Hilton poses at the Motorola party in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival Saturday, Jan. 22, 2005. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)Kevork Djansezian / AP

Will two of the show biz industry’s best pals go their separate ways?

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie may launch solo careers, according to InTouch Weekly, which is reporting that Hilton wants to do a show without Richie, her reality show co-star and her friend since childhood.

“I can carry my own show,” Paris allegedly boasted to a confidante, according to the mag, which quotes a source as saying “They’re still friends, but Paris doesn’t want to share the spotlight with Nicole anymore.” The report claims that the third season of “The Simple Life” — which has received some tough reviews — will be the last,

Hilton’s rep, however, blasts the report, telling The Scoop. “That’s completely not true. That would be like Lucy and Ethel splitting up.”

Notes from all over

In this undated promotional photo provided by Miramax, actor Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Howard Hughes in a scene from Martin Scorsese's \"The Aviator.\" As Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2005, the epic led Academy Awards contenders with 11 nods including best picture, plus acting honors for Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett and Alan Alda and a directing slot for Martin Scorsese. (AP Photo/Miramax Films)MIRAMAX FILMS

Within minutes after the Oscar nominations were posted, oddsmakers were predicting that “The Aviator” would fly away with the best picture. Offshore gaming company gave the Martin Scorsese film 4/7 odds, versus the next contender, “Million Dollar Baby,” which was given 2:1 odds. The company is betting that Jamie Foxx will walk away with best actor for “Ray” — Leonardo DiCaprio in “Aviator” is considered to be the next best bet — and that Hilary Swank will KO Annette Bening for the best actress award. . . .  Halle Berry, who was nominated for a Razzie for her role in “Catwoman” is grousing that winning an Oscar (2001’s “Monster’s Ball”) doesn’t guarantee you’ll get good scripts.  . . . Rosario Dawson gave Colin Farrell a black eye when the two filmed the wedding-night scene in “Alexander.” “He was all ‘C’mon, you can hit me,’” Dawson told Australia’s Advertiser. “All right. But I’m from New York, you know? Be careful what you ask for. So I just slapped him, and pow. Ha ha!”

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