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Hoda's love for Justin Timberlake helps team win Hollywood Game Night

Hoda helped propel her team to victory on 'Hollywood Game Night.'

On last night’s season finale of NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, Hoda proved that a little persistence and love of pop music make for quite the winning combination — literally.

Hoda, who was on a team with actors Terry Crews and David Giuntoli, helped civilian team leader Amber win a cool $25,000 on Thursday night’s episode of the show, which pairs everyday contestants with two dueling sets of celebrities.

Host Jane Lynch kicked off the night by welcoming Hoda as one of her two favorite daytime drinkers, but our girl stumbled in early rounds.

Hoda with Glee star-turned-game show host Jane Lynch.

But she rebounded quickly, scoring big for her team by correctly identifying Justin Timberlake from a child’s drawing in a game called Lil Picassos (her first guess was fellow TODAY anchor Matt Lauer).

“It’s right here in the hips,” Hoda said after winning the round, while pointing to the drawing of the “Sexy Back” singer.

That correct guess was one of several that helped propel Amber to the bonus round, and ultimately, her big $25,000 prize.

Meanwhile, Giuntoli, who stars on the NBC drama Grimm, won $10,000 for the Ronald McDonald House, his charity of choice, for being Amber’s partner in the final round.

And our own Hoda? She may not have walked away with a cash prize, but she sure proved something even more enduring: being a great team player never goes out of style.