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Hoda's close call reminds her how Al Roker saved his dog

Note to dog owners: Always have hydrogen peroxide on hand. And a pint of ice cream, even if you don’t eat the stuff.

On Friday, Hoda shared with Kathie Lee a scary moment about her walk a day earlier with Blake, her Cockapoo pup, along the dangerous streets of New York, where “there’s so much junk on the streets.”

“It’s scary walking your dog, they can scoop anything up and swallow it,” Hoda said.

And that’s exactly what Blake did.

“He went for a chicken bone or a dead bird, I don’t know what it was,” she said.

That immediately sent Hoda into flashback mode, recalling a story TODAY anchor Al Roker told her about his dog. The two had been out in the countryside when his pooch scooped up a dead bird and swallowed it.

Hoda's dog Blake, earlier this year.

Roker immediately called the vet, who gave him specific instructions on how to get the dog to regurgitate.

First, give the dog a slice of bread and wait five minutes. Then, stir two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide into a bowl of ice cream. Feed the concoction to the pet and then keep the animal moving until he throws up whatever he swallowed.

That was the story swirling in Hoda’s mind after she saw Blake gobble up the mysterious piece of street rubbish.

“All I could think of was, “How fast can I get the hydrogen peroxide? Where’s the bread. I don’t have any ice cream, because I’m lactose intolerant,’” she said. “Oh my God. I was panicking. That really scared me. But Al saved his dog’s life by doing that.”

Kathie Lee gave credit to the vet for knowing exactly what to do. She then decided to quickly move on to Friday's funny to lighten the dramatic mood.

“So far, this is not one of our best shows ever,” she said before beginning her joke.