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Hoda on 'What's your excuse' mom: 'I don't like people who brag'

Yesterday we told you about Marie Kang, the fitness blogger and mother of three who created a firestorm of controversy after her "What's your excuse?" photo went viral. Many people saw the photo, which features a fit and toned Kang posing with her three young children, as inspirational. But just as many thought that she was sending the wrong message. 

The KLGandHoda Facebook page was a hotbed of comments, with fans on both sides of the issue. Some, like commenter Jill Myers, felt that Kang was simply trying to motivate: "Haters will hate and too bad because she has a great message! If she wanted to bash there were many other ways she could do it." But others took issue with Kang's tone. "If she had said 'What's Your Motivation' instead of 'What's Your Excuse' she would have had nothing but praise," wrote Elise Dale Fong.

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Hoda and Kathie Lee couldn't agree on the topic, either. 

"I don't like people who brag about something good…" started Hoda. "I like to walk by and say, 'wow, you look great, what are you doing?' I don't like it when someone says, 'look at me.'"

"I know, I know, but I tried to get you to see, as usual, another side," said KLG. 

"You know, when you go to a psychiatrist or something, what that psychiatrist needs to do is help you understand your problem. And face your excuses you make to make you happier and better and a more fulfilled human being. And I think people react to something like that because it's their worst fear. They know there's some truth to it. Now maybe she didn't do it in the proper way, but I think it snaps in somebody's mind, 'She's right, I haven't been working out, because I'd rather sit on the couch and watch reruns of 'Will & Grace.' I understand that, who doesn't want to do that. But we make excuses for ourselves. And I think because we live in an entitled world we want what she has, but we don't want to do the work to get it, Hodawoman."

Did you get all that? Whew!

As for Hoda? "I think there are lots of examples of people that look great, but there's something about the tone, and showing the body, that grosses me out," she maintained.

"I get that too," acknowledged KLG. So maybe they can find some common ground on it, after all.

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