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Hoda tries to sneak a pic of LeBron James 

Hoda, not unlike guest co-host Carson Daly, enjoyed a bit of a fangirl moment herself over the weekend. It was 9 o'clock in the morning. Hoda was visiting Los Angeles, wide awake on New York time, and lounging by the pool at the Peninsula Hotel. That's when she saw him: LeBron James.

“LeBron James!” Hoda squealed, reliving the moment for Carson.

“No way,” Carson said. “That amazing.”

Here's a picture of LeBron James, Hoda! It doesn't show his feet, though.

“I was so in!” she said. “But can I tell you something? Do you know how bad I wanted to take a picture? Do you know what I was doing?”

“What?” Carson asked, almost as if he already knew.

Hoda set the scene: “Here's my chair. He's over here. And I didn't want to ask, because I was embarrassed. I wanted to casually look at my phone. To pretend like I was tweeting.”

But Hoda needn't explain any further. “Oh, I know that move,” Carson admitted.

“I'm just going to do one of these,” Hoda continued, pretending to take a sneaky snapshot.

“Oh, he knows that move, Hoda,” Carson insisted. Still, Carson had to ask: “Did you get a good shot?”

“No, I didn't get anything,” Hoda said. “Because the bodyguard was looking at me like, 'Let's not.'"

So, why such enthusiasm about the encounter, even though she wasn't able to document it? Because the experience wasn't a total wash. Hoda did get to see LeBron James, at least, and, in seeing him, couldn't help but notice: “He has feet that are this big!'” In other words, very big.

“And you know what that means,” Carson hinted.

And Hoda did know. “That he's a good swimmer,” she said.