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Hoda offers several replacements for KLG's stolen fanny pack

Fashion be damned, Kathie Lee likes her fanny packs. We’ve seen proof of it repeatedly, usually after she returns from her travels with photographs of herself wearing one of those bulky bags around her waist.

But recently, someone stole her favorite fanny pack, a black Chanel bag she bought nearly 30 years ago. On Friday, Hoda tried to cheer KLG up by finding her several replacements, including two old-fashioned ones.

Then she brought out the good stuff.

Kathy Lee's favorite fanny pack, shown her during a visit to Israel, recently got stolen.

“Now we have something that’s even better. These are the newfangled fanny packs. It’s called a Bandi," Hoda explained before demonstrating where KLG can stash her cash and credit cards in the sleek band's trim pouch.

“It’s not as clunky as one of these,” Hoda said, pointing to the traditional fanny pack.

But KLG insisted she likes the "clunky one," especially the one she's missing.

“It went all over the world with me, and I was attached to it,” she said.

Richard Drew / Today
A fanny pack was included in the Tory Burch Spring 2014 collection modeled during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 10.

Hoda isn’t the only one trying to find some modern and trendy alternatives for KLG. Designer Tory Burch unveiled several fanny packs several days ago from her Spring 2014 collection at New York's Fashion Week.

What do you think? Are fanny packs a fashion friend or foe?