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Hoda Kotb shares update about her wedding: 'It looks like we may have to postpone'

The TODAY anchor and fiancé Joel Schiffman are facing uncertainty when it comes to their wedding date and destination.
/ Source: TODAY

Last November, Hoda Kotb shared some sweet news with her TODAY family — after six years and two daughters together, she and partner Joel Schiffman were engaged to be married.

And the anchor had hoped to have another happy announcement later this year, when they finally say, “I do.”

But as she revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” with the uncertainty that comes with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all they can really say at this point is “I don’t know.”

“We are kind of guessing that it will (be postponed),” Hoda, who visited the show via video alongside co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, said. “It was a destination wedding, which would mean people getting on planes. We were kind of holding out to see what could happen, but the destination we were going to is turning into one of the (coronavirus) hot spots. So, it looks like we may have to postpone.”

A delayed celebration still means there’s plenty to look forward to, but the 55-year-old bride-to-be admitted the situation is disappointing.

“We’re kind of bummed about that because the place we were going was like our favorite place on earth,” she added, without giving away the locale. “We love it there. I know we should say, ‘Who cares? It doesn’t matter.’ But we waited a long time, so I sure hope we get to have it (there). I just don’t know when.”

At least they know they’re not alone. Last month, here on TODAY, Hoda spoke to six couples who are facing the same uncertainty about their own big days. And while she couldn’t help them with their respective nuptials, she was able to orchestrate a pre-wedding first dance for them all.

The last time Hoda sat down with DeGeneres to talk about her wedding plans, in January, she told her, “I think we’re going to do it in the fall.” And while that part of the plan is now up in the air, Hoda assured her that it will happen eventually. Because if the coronavirus quarantine has taught her anything, it’s that Joel really is the one.

“I wondered what I was going to learn, other than the fact that Joel often says, when I ask him a question, ‘Yes and no,’ other than him doing that all the time,” she said of these days, spending so much time together. “I picked the best person on earth. I know it, a thousand times over. … Being cooped up, you know right away if you chose right. I mean, you know. I don’t know if he thinks he chose right, but I know I did.”

Ellen, however, had a hunch.

“He would say ‘Yes and no,’” she teased.