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'Origami?' Julia Louis-Dreyfus can't guess Hoda Kotb's name in Fallon's whisper game

Jimmy Fallon played Whisper Challenge with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on "Tonight." But if you ask us, Hoda Kotb really won the word-guessing game.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon faced off with guest Julia Louis-Dreyfus for a round of the Whisper Challenge on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday. But if you ask us, it was Hoda Kotb who really won the word-guessing game.

OK, sure, the familiar face from TODAY wasn't actually on the show, but her name certainly brought some winning laughs when Fallon stumped Louis-Dreyfus with it.

"Hoda Kotb," Fallon said while facing the actress, whose headphones blocked the sound.

"Origami?" she guessed.


"Oh, God, help me?" she offered.

NBC / YouTube

At that point Fallon fell forward in a fit of laughter, and Louis-Dreyfus gave up.

Point to Fallon — and big points to his TODAY pal, Origami Kotb.

Jimmy Fallon doesn't just know Hoda Kotb's name. He knows her — and, of course, Kathie Lee Gifford — well.Peter Kramer / NBC NewsWire

Check out the clip to see the rest of the hilarious game — it's worth it!

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