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Hoda and Jenna dish on their 1st kisses: 'Can't believe it's happening'

Jenna says her first kiss was in the fourth grade, while Hoda's happened after a guy asked her to walk to school together.
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone remembers their first kiss, including Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, who reminisced about their early smooches — both the good and the bad.

"Did you ever date a bad kisser?" Jenna asked Hoda on the fourth hour of TODAY.

"Yeah, there was a couple of bad kissers in colleges," Hoda said. "I mean, everyone has ... first of all, who's teaching guys to kiss?"

"Who taught us?" Jenna replied, after which they discussed how guys assume they're good kissers.

Jenna also shared how she was quite young when her first kiss happened. She was in the fourth grade — around 10 years old — playing a game of spin the bottle.

“Oh, so you had to,” Hoda said, while Jenna responded to reactions offstage.

“Who is over there?” Jenna questioned while looking past the cameras. “Who is making those judgmental sounds?”

Jenna said her romance was brief — they'd rollerblade to the 7-Eleven and get Snickers bars or Slurpees. She also noted how her daughter isn't interested in having a boyfriend in the fourth grade.

She recalled having to explain to her daughter Mila how she used to call boys on the home line and was always nervous that her dad would intercept the call.

"I'd be like, 'Hi dad, it's me talking to John Henderson,'" Jenna said.

Hoda revealed that while her second kiss occurred during a game of spin the bottle, her first one happened with the same guy after he asked her to go steady.

She remembers riding her bike with a banana seat and old-fashioned handlebars by his house wondering if he’d come outside.

"You know that feeling that there's nothing like it 'cause you can't believe it's happening? You're like, 'Oh my God, somebody kissed me,'" Hoda said.