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Hoda and Jenna celebrate 1 year of their show with fun Instagram Live

Jenna's daughter Poppy even made a surprise cameo!
/ Source: TODAY

While the last month has not been easy for anyone, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager hoped that celebrating the one-year anniversary of their show could be a nice distraction for their fans at home Wednesday morning.

The fourth-hour duo got up close and personal with fans during an entertaining Instagram Live, with Jenna going live on the @hodaandjenna account and Hoda joining from her personal account (after a few funny practice runs!).

Jenna's 4-year-old daughter, Poppy, helped the ladies kick things off with a surprise cameo. She had made a special card for Hoda in honor of the show's milestone.

Then, Jenna and Hoda started answering questions that fans at home had written in. The first question asked if the ladies felt comfortable working together right away.

Hoda explained that the two of them had filled in together so often that they knew things would work. She said "certain things you just know in life" and that Jenna puts "everything out there on the table," like her heart.

Next, Hoda asked Jenna a fan question about what her favorite segment is. Jenna explained the two of them wanted a show that would lift people up and also make them laugh. She also said she wanted the show to shine a light on folks making the world better for others.

Then, Jenna asked a very important question from a fan, who wanted to know if Hoda can choose what she wears.

Hoda, who was doing the Live from her dressing room in 30 Rock, decided to take viewers on a little behind-the-scenes tour of a very empty studio. She showed off the upstairs area, where the kitchen is, before going to Jenna's dressing room and the hair and makeup room.

"It's like 'Cribs'!" Jenna said, referring to the hit MTV show from the 2000s.

Hoda then revealed her favorite hair tools, since she has been doing her own hair and makeup recently.

One of her favorites (and Jenna's) is the Revlon brush that doubles as a hair dryer. After using a straightener and curling iron, she said she uses a tool she calls a "splurge" — the Dyson Airwrap.

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler

Jenna said neither she nor Hoda have stylists, and they pick their own outfits. And as Hoda said, "Neither of us really care about that part."

Another fan asked Hoda and Jenna what they've learned from each other.

"I think from you I've learned the power of kind of vulnerability and being unabashedly just who you are," Hoda said to Jenna. "I feel like that that trait is so important, and I also feel like you have a really good gut. You have like a really good North Star. It's right."

Hoda also attributed those traits to Jenna's upbringing. "No one can be like you if they weren't raised with those parents," she said.

"I was thinking about how my parents made Barbara and I feel like we could fall and be lifted up," Jenna replied. "Sitting next to you over this last year, I feel the same way."

After taking time to thank the essential workers, Hoda and Jenna talked about how they've been spending this extra time at home with their families.

Jenna explained how she and her family sat on the lawn and looked at the stars Tuesday night to see the "pink supermoon."

Hoda noted her oldest daughter, Haley Joy, can't believe they're all together. She said they've been spending a lot of time outside snacking and just hanging out.

"I would not be doing this if not for this time," Hoda said. "I would've been on the phone, at work, at a meeting, and now you can't. So you're like, 'Wow, this is hitting the pause button in a way I just didn't expect.'"

The ladies wrapped up their Instagram Live chat with some rapid-fire questions, like their most memorable interview on the show.

After some prompting from Jenna, Hoda landed on Oprah.

"Oh, my God. Well, Oprah, she's all by herself. Most things have faded since that day," Hoda said. "It's almost weird because your dreams are over because your dream came true. So I have to start dreaming bigger. That Oprah day will go down in history for me."

When asked about her favorite cocktail, Jenna said she has a new go-to drink — vodka soda and lemon.

Hoda said she's been having some tequila over one large ice cube.

When it comes to sunrise or sunset, Hoda said sunrise is her favorite because she likes "the beginning of something."

The duo ended by talking about embarrassing moments, and Jenna said she and Hoda both have problems with sweat. Jenna said one time she wore an armpit pad under her arms in an attempt to absorb the sweat, and then it fell out on live TV.

Cheers to another year of laughs and love, ladies!