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Hoda: I swear I didn't teach your kid the F-word

Hoda's reputation as a potty mouth may have preceded her days working with Kathie Lee.

The ladies have noticed a recent uptick in kids swearing, but Hoda insists she is not to blame. She related a story of an incident when she was babysitting a little kid who dropped the F-bomb. Hoda was horrified that the parents would think he'd learned it from her.

"'Don't say that!' I said, so he kept saying it," remembered Hoda, who still seemed mortified all these years later.

"Tell on the little nose picker!" urged KLG.

"I was just praying it didn't happen after I left," she sighed.

Kathie Lee said that she didn't grow up using salty language either, although she admitted that her mother liked to drop the S-bomb when she was reeeeeeally mad.

But, as she noted, "Everything changed when I started dating sailors. "

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who swears like a short order cook at a saloon in Deadwood.