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Hoda to guest host Dean Cain: You'll always be Superman

The latest Superman reboot may have taken American box offices to new heights this past weekend, but there will only be one "Man of Steel" for Hoda.

“When I think of Superman — and I’m with a lot of people on this, I know — I see your face,” she told Dean Cain on Monday, when the former “Lois and Clark” star filled in as co-host for Kathie Lee.

“I love you for that,” Cain responded, before graciously applauding the latest actor to wear the famous red cape, Henry Cavill, for helping to create a new generation of Superman fans.

Cain saw the movie himself, along with his 13-year-old son, who found some of the more frightening scenes a bit hard to watch.

“There were some moments where he was scared. I saw him scooch a little bit closer,” he said. "There were there were some action sequences that were a little bit rough, but he enjoyed it very much.”

Cain credited the movie's production team for doing a "great job," while acknowledging the movie provided a different viewpoint than past versions.

“It’s a real different incarnation of the Man of Steel. Not as much lovey-dovey stuff,” he said, referring to many of the backstories of “Lois and Clark” episodes that featured him and Teri Hatcher, who played Lois Lane on the show.

That led Hoda to ask Dean, 46, about his own love life.

“It’s difficult with a child, so I’m very coy about my love life,” he admitted. “I don’t say much — but I want one. I definitely want one.”

Cain showed he had a good sense of humor about letting go of the role that made him famous faster than a speeding bullet.

Hoda played a clip of him appearing last week on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Cain pretended to just have learned about the new Superman movie — and that it starred someone other than him.

“Does he have to wear the red underwear like I did?” Cain repeatedly asked about Cavill. After learning that he did not, a dejected Cain complalined: “Why did I have to?”