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'Ho Hey!' Will Ferrell's Harry Caray can sing Lumineers' hit song

If The Lumineers song "Ho Hey" (you know the one, I just gave you all the lyrics) is still stuck in your head from last summer, this fun viral video featuring Will Ferrell is only going to complicate things.

In a mashup of the hit song and Ferrell's spot-on impersonation of longtime Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray, "Ho Hey" becomes an earworm with an edge.

The impersonation was a regular bit for Ferrell during his years on "Saturday Night Live," and he punctuated his lines with blurts of "ho!" and "hey!"

The Lumineers, with the 2012 single off their self-titled debut album, used "ho!" and "hey" to great effect as a chant behind lyrics such as, "I don't know where I belong, I don't know where I went wrong, but I can write a song." The real video for that song has 78 million views on YouTube and the band received a best new artist Grammy nod.

YouTube user ericwoodie uploaded the mashup in February, and its getting fresh traction this week. Best new comment? "Needs more cowbell."