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Hilton video making rounds on Internet

Paris Hilton porn video is fast becoming a mini-industry on eBay. By Jeannette Walls.
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Lawyers for Paris Hilton are working overtime to stop distribution of that homemade porn video, but even as the attorneys make legal threats, a mini-industry of Paris Hilton porn has sprung up on eBay. Dozens of merchants are hawking Internet downloads, CDs, or VHS copies of excerpts from the infamous video, as well as other steamy Paris stuff.

“This is the video everybody has been waiting for!!!!” reads a typical listing. “Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon having hot sex in bed... features Paris enjoying sex in almost every position imaginable! The video was made with a home video (camera), it is absolutely the real thing, guaranteed to be authentic Paris Hilton sex video!” Bids for the video clips range from one cent to more than $20.

Also being sold is a notorious candid shot apparently of Paris — which has long been circulated on the Internet — exiting from a limo in an unladylike manner, sans her thong. And one entrepreneurial type is looking to cash in on the controversy by hawking the sisters’ Internet domain name.

“The lawyers can work all they want,” says one source, “but it seems a bit like closing the barn door after the cow’s out.”

Naughty videos, Pt. 2?

Meanwhile, it looks like Paris Hilton isn’t the only celeb trying to keep certain pics private.

Leonardo DiCaprio is causing a buzz by reportedly offering a $20,000 reward for the return of a camera that he misplaced in the Los Angeles nightclub, Shelter.

“He was pretty stressed. He really needed to get that camera back,” a fellow partier told Britain’s Heat Magazine. “What sort of pictures were on that roll of film if he’s offering that kind of money for it?”

DiCaprio’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment.

Notes from all over

Some observers were wondering what the heck Rosie O’Donnell was talking about when she said in her post-trial comments that her new play, “Taboo,” starring Boy George, “emits yellow.” “No, it’s not a revival of Urinetown,” an O’Donnell fan told the Scoop. “ ‘Yellow’ is Rosie’s word for happiness and light and warmth.” (She wrote an essay about it all for the gay mag The Advocate.) ... After Catherine Zeta Jones’s lawyers threatened to sue anyone who claimed that she was on the Atkins diet, some observers were speculating that the “Intolerable Cruelty” star was looking to launch or endorse her own diet plan. “Absolutely untrue,” her rep told the Scoop. Looks like Zeta Jones was just being her sue-happy self. . . . Hugh Grant says he’s found a kindred weirdo in “Love Actually” co-star Billy Bob Thornton. “Billy Bob Thornton and I got on well,” Grant said while promoting the flick, “because he’s pervy and depraved. I don’t think he’d mind me saying that.”

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