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Hilton urges Sarah Palin to ‘show some skin’

The hotel heiress discusses politics in a tongue-and-cheek way in both a magazine article and a new video clip on
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Paris Hilton has some fashion advice for vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin: show some skin.

In the same tone as her response to John McCain’s campaign ad, which pitted Barack Obama as the “biggest celebrity in the world” alongside a montage of footage featuring Britney Spears and the heiress, Hilton took on a host of presidential questions in the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

“My advice to Sarah Palin is, you’ve got a hot bod; don’t keep it to yourself,” the heiress said. “Why wear a pantsuit when you can wear a swimsuit?”

Hilton, whose response to McCain’s ad this past summer found her calling him an “old dude,” and declaring her own intention to run thanks to her inclusion in his spot, once again declared that she would pick singer Rihanna as a running mate.

In the interview, Hilton also outlined her presidential platform, suggesting she will only wear American designers if elected, replace inaugural balls with Rock Band parties and hire a host of notables to various governmental posts.

“I won’t have a cabinet; I will have a closet,” she said. " A giant walk-in closet with all styles of advisers, like Michael Kors, Kanye West, Diane von Furstenberg, Naughty by Nature, Stephen Hawking, Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, and, of course, (her Chihuahua) Tinkerbell.”

But Hilton already has some stellar advice right now, thanks to and a new clip featuring former “West Wing” president Martin Sheen.

In the new clip, set at Paris’ “pre-party for the party I’m throwing before the after-party,” the heiress glammed up in a green strapless dress and a diamond necklace to speak with Sheen.


Paris Hilton

The highs and lows of the life of the hotel heiress.

“Sorry to drag you into the kitchen, but I need the advice of one of our greatest fake presidents,” she told the actor.

“Being a fake president is a lot harder today than it was when I was a fake president,” he warned Hilton. “It was the go-go ‘90s — people invested in a Web site that sold pet food because a puppet told them to do it!”

But despite asking for advice, the celebuntante appeared to have things under control, offering her views on “fo-po” (“foreign policy, silly!”) and the economy.

“This is the biggest depression since ‘The Notebook,’” she said. “Maybe lower the inflated interest rates so it’s not impossible for [people] to pay their mortgage? It’s not as much money for the bank, but it’s better than no money at all — just ask MC Hammer.”

Clearly impressed, Sheen gave Hilton his blessing.

“I wouldn’t worry about a thing — you’re going to make a great fake president,” he said, before the pair were interrupted by Martin’s son, Charlie, who looked surprised to see his dad at a Hilton party.

Nevertheless, Hilton earned the younger Sheen’s support as well.

“I’ll make sure to fake vote for you,” Charlie smiled before heading for the hot tub.