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Hilton feels ‘horrible’ about phone hack

Lindsay Lohan got e-mail from Hefner imposter
/ Source: The Associated Press

While Hollywood gossips about who was — and wasn’t — in Paris Hilton’s cell phone book, the hotel heiress/reality TV star says she feels “horrible.”

Last week, Hilton’s cell phone was hacked into and its contents (her phone numbers and e-mail addresses) were posted on the Internet.

In an interview with Us Weekly magazine, on newsstands Friday, Hilton says: “I feel horrible that, once again, someone has invaded my privacy. I want to apologize to all my friends and family. I don’t know why this stuff always happens to me, but I wish it wouldn’t anymore.”

Hilton, 24, said she first heard the news from her sister, Nicky.

“(Nicky) told me it was out there,” she said. “It’s too upsetting for me — I can’t believe it.”

Some of her friends have been besieged with calls and e-mails. Actress Lindsay Lohan tells the magazine: “It’s crazy. I even got an e-mail from someone pretending to be Hugh Hefner.”

Hilton’s privacy was previously exposed when a sex tape of her and an ex-boyfriend became a cyberspace novelty. She stars on the Fox TV reality show “The Simple Life 3: Interns” with friend Nicole Richie, daughter of R&B singer Lionel Richie.