Hilton dumped Barker after catfight

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/ Source: msnbc.com
By By Jeannette Walls

Paris Hilton dumped boyfriend Travis Barker after a nasty catfight with an ex, according to a report.

Hilton claims that Shanna Moakler, Barker’s estranged wife, called Hilton a “skinny [bleep]” and punched her in the jaw on Oct. 3 at the hot Los Angeles club Hyde, according to In Touch Weekly.

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But Moakler insists that Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, pushed her down stairs and dumped a drink on her.

Hilton called it quits with Travis the following weekend, explains a “pal,” who told ITW: “Paris realized this was not what she needed in her life right now.”

Nicole moves onMeanwhile, Paris Hilton’s best-friend-again Nicole Richie has also moved on from her ex-beau, Brody Jenner.

A newly redheaded Richie has a new sweetie, Samuel Plouchart, a fashion editor at the French Magazine Citizen K, according to Us. “New boy, new look,” Richie told the mag.

Jenner told Us that toward the end of their two-month romance, Richie “didn’t treat me like a friend or a boyfriend.” He did, however, care deeply for her, according to a source, who told the mag, “He tried to help her gain weight. When she’d eat a few bites and stop, he’d say, ‘Finish that!’”

Notes from all overLook for Katie Holmes to wear a Chanel gown on her wedding day, according to Star. Holmes and Tom Cruise are rumored to be getting hitched next month, and during her Paris shopping spree with buddy Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, Holmes was eyeballing outfits — including wedding dresses — designed by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. “His work is exquisite,” Holmes told the tab. “I’m interested in everything Karl produces, including wedding dresses.” . . . Fake newspapers announcing the assassination of President George W. Bush — apparently used as a prop in that controversial movie “Death of a President,” are being hawked on the UK's eBay.  . . .Leonardo DiCaprio says that native Bostonian co-stars of “The Departed” warned him not to botch the Boston accent in the flick. “[Matt] Damon and [Mark] Wahlberg were really stern with me from the beginning to make me understand that the Boston accent had been butchered in cinema in the past and that I would be the laughingstock of their hometown if I didn’t get this accent down,” DiCaprio told Australia’s NW magazine. “So I had to become an authentic Bostonian. The pressure was on and I hung out with a kid from the Boston projects. And on set Matt was always there, putting in his two cents’ worth!”

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