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Hilary Duff slams paparazzi for following her and her kids

Duff turned her camera on three paparazzi who she said had been following her and her kids "to every location."
/ Source: TODAY

Hilary Duff slammed the paparazzi for following her "all day long," especially when she's out in public with her two children.

The "Lizzie McGuire" actress became fed up with photographers following her and her kids around on Friday, so she decided to turn her camera on them. Duff, 32, posted a video on her Instagram story and shared her frustration with her 13.8 million followers.

“Here I am just trying to get around with both my kids, and I have paparazzi following me everywhere I go. Two grown men. Three of them, actually, one of them is running away across the street," she said. "Just following me and my kids to every location I go to."

“In a world where women are getting all these rights, this doesn’t seem right to me. At all. All day long,” Duff added.

She then turned her camera to her son Luca, 7, who she shares with her retired hockey player ex-husband Mike Comrie, to ask how he was feeling about the situation.

"How much do you like that the paparazzi follows you? Makes you sad, huh? You hate it,” Duff asks Luca, who responded by shaking his head.

Duff is also a mom to 1-year-old Banks Violet, who she shares with her partner Matthew Koma.

This isn't the first time Duff has gone toe to toe with the paparazzi. In 2018, she posted video on Instagram confronting a man she says in the caption had been following her around all day.

"I politely asked him to let me be and he continues to follow and stalk me down like pray (sic) for hours now," she wrote in the caption. "This is not ok."

Duff currently co-stars on the dramedy "Younger," which is entering its seventh season next year. She's also gearing up for a "Lizzie McGuire" reboot which will catch fans up on what adult Lizzie is up to in 2020.

She's not the only celebrity mom standing up for herself; both Kristen Bell and Jennifer Garner have gone head-to-head with invasive photographers as well, especially when it comes to their kids being photographed or followed.