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High school violinist wows with lightsaber rendition of Star Wars' 'Force Theme'

High school violinist Jeffrey Ding He enlisted the help of a lightsaber when he played the Star Wars theme in a YouTube video recently.
/ Source: TODAY

The Force is strong with this violinist. Instead of using a regular bow, he plays with a lightsaber.

High school senior Jeffrey Ding He, who has been playing the violin for 14 years, got creative with his latest YouTube video of the Star Wars “Force Theme” by John Williams.

“For this video, I was consciously trying to come up with something more creative than my old videos,” Ding He told on Wednesday.

The Hong Kong-based Star Wars fan added that after he watched the series' latest installment, "The Force Awakens," “I suddenly realized I could try to make my violin bow look like a lightsaber.”

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Although it took a lot of work — around 20 hours to add the glowing laser effect frame by frame for the blue light saber section alone — he’s determined to keep up the creative effort in upcoming videos.

“I will definitely continue searching for any new ideas for special effects,” he said.

Keep up the good work, Luke — er, Jeffrey!

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