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High-fiving over 9/11? Did 'Family Guy' cross the line?

FOX / Today
Stewie and Brian cheer after they travel back in time to ensure the events of 9/11 happen.

It was business as usual on Sunday night’s “Family Guy,” which means no subject was off limits when it came to the show’s signature brand of irreverent humor. But after the episode’s high-fiving, 9/11-related gag, some viewers may now be wondering if there should be some limits.

It started when Stewie and Brian traveled back in time, as they’re apt to do, and in a heroic moment, prevented the terrorist attacks from happening. While they succeeded, in doing so they created a far worse future in which the country was reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland after years of civil war.

The solution? They went back to the past again to make sure the original tragedy took place. Once more, success — if you can call it that.

“We did it Brian — we made 9/11 happen,” Stewie said with much excitement after the pair returned to their own time. “High-five!”

A moment later, he added, “Wow. That probably wouldn’t look good out of context.”

He might have a point.

What did you think of the show? Did the gag hit the mark, or did the usual, irreverent humor fail with a subject as significant as 9/11? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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