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High-five fail! 'Talk Stoop' host Cat Greenleaf accidentally slaps Nicole Richie

"Talk Stoop" host Cat Greenleaf went in for a friendly high-five with Richie, but ended up slapping the star's sunglasses from her face.
/ Source: TODAY

So much for bonding!

Nicole Richie was a recent guest on the New York-based chat show "Talk Stoop," where the show's host, Cat Greenleaf, accidentally slapped her in the face!

The slap happened just 20 seconds into what was supposed to be a fun four-minute segment about Richie's new scripted comedy series "Great News."

Greenleaf begins the chat by asking Richie what great news she's heard this week.

The actress, who lives in drought-ridden Los Angeles, says she's happy to hear it will be raining while she's visiting New York.

That's when Greenleaf goes in for a celebratory high-five and — whoops! — accidentally knocks Richie's sunglasses right off of her face.

Greenleaf, who regularly high-fives her celebrity guests, told TODAY she panicked when she saw Richie's glasses go flying.

"What were the chances? It was such a clean hit!" said Greenleaf, who jokes that from now on she may opt for "virtual hugs."

Luckily for her, Richie was "beyond a good sport."

"She was so gracious and kept things moving," Greenleaf said. "I caused her bodily harm! And she kept on rolling. She was a true pro."

Nicole Richie reacts to being accidentally slapped in the face by "Talk Stoop" host Cat Greenleaf. YouTube

In the clip, funny lady Richie sits in stunned silence after the high-five fiasco, but then breaks into laughter.

"I'm so sorry... I'm notoriously clumsy," a mortified Greenleaf says.

"I can see that," Richie jokes. "Out of my left eye only."

Watch the entire hilarious exchange in the video above.

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