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Hide the Fruit, Gallagher Released From Hospital

Watermelons, beware. Gallagher is back in the wild.
/ Source: E!online

Watermelons, beware. Gallagher is back in the wild.

The fruit-smashing comedian has been released from the Minnesota hospital where he was admitted after collapsing during at a show last week. The comic's manager, Craig Marquado, confirmed earlier that the 64-year-old, real name Leo Anthony Gallagher, was treated for a minor heart attack before leaving Saint Marys Hospital Sunday morning.

So what's next for the prop performer?

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Gallagher, who also suffered a heart attack 10 years ago, is now headed home to Los Angeles to visit his own doctors. He should be able to resume his sledgehammer-happy act as soon as he feels up to it.

The comic had been performing for an audience of 400 at the Whiskey Bone Roadhouse in Minnesota on Thursday when he fainted. He had been complaining of pain in his left arm and shortness of breath earlier in the evening, and even took a break at one point to rest in a booth. He was responsive as he was wheeled out of the bar by medics.

Here's hoping he's back in clobbering form soon.

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