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Hey y'all! KLG, Hoda are feeling 'genteel' in Charleston 

As they say in the south: I do declare.

Southern belles Kathie Lee and Hoda are in Charleston this week, and they really got a taste of the town. We're talking about coconut cake, of course, but also moonshine, shrimp and grits, and sweet tea spiked with booze.

The ladies started off at the College of Charleston campus, then hit the town by horse-drawn carriage, enjoying the historic city market and plantation house Drayton Hall… all while dressed as Scarlett O'Hara. When in Rome, you know?

KLG and Hoda praised the "southern hospitality" of the friendly Charlestonians, even though Hoda did have some trouble finding a hat that fit her generously proportioned head.


"You look crazy," drawled Hoda, as they evaluated each other's looks.

"I feel crazy," replied KLG, in an equally ridiculous accent.

Tune in for more of their Palmetto City antics tomorrow.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor and amateurgrits expert.