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‘Heroes’ stars party, and praise their show

A host of celebrities including "House" star Hugh Laurie and "Felicity's" Scott Speedman, turned up to celebrate alongside Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia at a "Heroes'" wrap party last night in Los Angeles.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

A host of celebrities including "House" star Hugh Laurie and "Felicity's" Scott Speedman, turned up to celebrate alongside Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia at a "Heroes'" wrap party last night in Los Angeles."It's definitely surreal to be able to share this moment with my family — the crew, cast, writers and everybody on the show," Masi Oka who plays the charming time traveler Hiro Nakamura on the show told "Access Hollywood." "We knew we were creating something very passionate together and we were all going through this journey together. It's just a great feeling."

The show heads back to NBC Monday, April 23, to begin its run-up to the season finale. Fans though, have already been filling blog space with thousands of words in anticipation of what plot and character twists the drama will feature.Last night, the "Heroes" actors revealed they, too, have enjoyed playing the thoroughly complex, gene-mutated and powerless average humans."It's been an amazingly satisfying role because it's been so much fun," Jack Coleman who plays the mysterious Mr. Bennet, father to Claire, said. "It's play good, play bad, play sympathetic, play unsympathetic, have this really loving relationship with your daughter while telling lies all the time. There's just a lot of really good stuff to play. The devil gets all the best lines."After a stint supporting Jennifer Garner on "Alias," and famously the monster-eaten pilot of "Lost's" doomed Oceanic flight 815, newly-slim Greg Grunberg said taking a regular turn as mind reading cop Matt Parkman on "Heroes" has been more than satisfying."(‘Heroes' has) been different in at least in my storyline it's more of a leading role than being a supporting actor," Grunberg told "Access," shortly before heading into the party where his band was set to entertain revelers. "At the same time it's great to be part of an ensemble show. I just love being on the show."Before heading into the event, Milo Ventimiglia, who plays the tortured hero, Peter Petrelli, took time to reflect on one of his favorite moments of the season — working with veteran British actor Christopher Eccleston, aka the vanishing Claude."(It was) amazing," Ventimiglia said. "(He's) truly a giver. For me I always worried that I wasn't giving enough to him because of what the character was going through at the time. ... I hear when he went back overseas and Chris (told people he) had such a great time working with me so it was very flattering to know he enjoyed himself as much as I did."One thing he didn't enjoy? All the fervor over Ventimiglia's handsome head of floppy hair."If I depended on my hair for my career, I'd be in the wrong business," he laughed before reflecting on how those follicles played a part in the life of the memorable younger Petrelli brother."It helped him stay juvenile. Think about the scene with Claude where he says, ‘no wonder you're held back — hair in your face, posters on your wall. You're still a boy basically,'" Ventimiglia recalled. "I tried to make that switch as a character where he starts off and his hair is in his face a lot and as the episodes go on later and later, his hair is pushed back and he begins to stand a lot taller."

Though there are five more episodes left of the science fiction drama, which will feature several "Heroes" deaths, a twist for Noah Gray-Cabey's character (ATM-friendly Micah) and a scene revolving around Christmas, Oka said he already has hints to drop about season two."We even know a bit about what's going on for season two. What's gonna happen is we're gonna reshow the entire season one with Hiro going back in time," he states.Though his raised eyebrow gave him away, Oka finally confirms one thing that truly will happen in season two – the reuniting of the offset "Heroes" Social Club. Started at the beginning of the season, members of the cast and crew used their off-camera time to meet up with each other for special dinners and karaoke sessions."It is on hiatus for now, but season two we will pick up. Badges would be a good idea. We were gonna have our laminated cards, but Adrian (Pasdar, who plays Nathan Petrelli) didn't make them. ‘Time, time,'" he laughs before "Access" jokes perhaps Pasdar's wife Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks could help out?"I think she's pretty busy," he chuckles. "She could make a song for us maybe. We could have a ‘Heroes' club song."