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‘Heroes’ stars Hayden and Milo still a couple

"Heroes" stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia are back out and cuddling their way through L.A. Sources say the two never broke up.

You aren’t alone if you thought that “Heroes” stars Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere broke up. Apparently though, that isn’t the case.

The duo was spotted at the Kira Plastinina U.S. launch party in L.A. over the weekend, and according to a source at the event, “they arrived together, they were cuddling, they were very cute.”

So when did they get back together? “The never really broke up,” said a source who knows Ventimiglia. “She’s a flirt and he’s fun and I guess that’s what gets people to talking. But Milo really likes her. Likes her, her family, and they have a ton of fun together. Even if they were to stop dating, they’d still be good friends,” said the source.

Neil Diamond’s Brooklyn gang fightThink that 67-year-old Neil Diamond is too old to tour? Nah. Seems he’s a tough guy.

In the new issue of Blender magazine, a reader submitted the following question: “I read (that) as a kid you were shot in the face. That’s pretty gangsta!”

“Gangsta” might be a strong word, but the crooner backs up the story, saying that when he moved to the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn at the age of 12, he and the neighborhood kids would get into fights.

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“All of a sudden I heard this pop and felt a hit under my left eye," Diamond says. “It turned out I’d been shot. It was only a pellet gun, but it hurt pretty bad.”

Fair enough. Diamond refers to the incident as his “first and last gang fight.”

Posh and Corey Haim’s sordid pastWord to the wise: If you date 1980s child star Corey Haim, either be a good kisser or bring a confidentiality agreement into the relationship.

Haim is telling the British press that when he dated Posh Spice (back before she was Victoria Beckham), she used to gnaw on his lip. “When she kisses she does this little grrrh thing. What did it feel like? Like a girl gnawing on your lip!” said Haim.

The two are said to have dated in 1995 and broke up over an argument about a band. “It was my job as a man,” Haim said about dating the then-uber-popular Spice Girl.

Jason Bateman’s TV dealJust because we think he’s one of the warmer and wittier guys in show business, it’s a pleasure to report that Jason Bateman just inked a first-look deal with 20th Century Fox TV. The one-year agreement will allow Bateman to develop a series. Hopefully the end result will be more work along the lines of “Arrested Development.”

Bateman next appears opposite Will Smith in “Hancock,” due out July 2.