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Here's the story ... of a 'Brady Bunch' reboot

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That's the way ... they became "The Brady Bunch" -- again.

Here's the story ... of a "Brady Bunch" reboot. According to Deadline.com, CBS is working on a new version of the comedy about the famous blended Brady family, and actor Vince Vaughn is co-developing and executive producing the show.

The new show will focus on a divorced and remarried Bobby Brady, who is dealing with kids from his first marriage, kids from his wife's first marriage, and a child the two have together, Deadline reports. The site also reports that the famous "Brady Bunch" theme song will likely be reworked if the show makes it to air.

No word on casting yet. Mike Lookinland, 51, played Bobby in the original sitcom and in the 1990s drama "The Bradys," but he's worked more behind the camera in recent years.

It's about time for the Bradys to make another comeback. The original show ran from 1969 to 1974, and spawned a cartoon, variety show, reunion movies and more. The family enjoyed a revival of interest in the 1990s with the "Bradys" hour-long drama, parody movies and a live theater show using actual scripts from the original episodes.

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