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Here's why Valerie Bertinelli hasn't appeared on 'One Day at a Time' reboot

Valerie Bertinelli played Barbara Cooper on the original "One Day at a Time," which ran from 1975 to 1984.
/ Source: TODAY

"One Day at a Time" is one of our favorite classic sitcoms — and that includes both the original, which aired from 1975 to 1984 and the current version on Pop TV. And we've just learned something that makes it even more special: Original star Valerie Bertinelli is keen to make a fresh guest appearance!

In fact, as she told Entertainment Weekly, she's been watching the Pop TV reboot (the show had a rebooted Netflix run from 2017 to 2019, then jumped networks this year) and thinks it's "amazing." So what's kept her from stopping by?

ONE DAY AT A TIME, from left: Mackenzie Phillips, Bonnie Franklin, Pat Harrington, Valerie Bertinell
The main cast of "One Day at a Time," the original version: From l., Mackenzie Phillips, Bonnie Franklin, Pat Harrington and Valerie Bertinelli.Everett Collection

"It's just been scheduling issues, that's really all it's been," she explained. "We were almost able to work something out. I had one day off and I was flying in the night before and I had to start my show (Bertinelli now hosts "Valerie's Home Cooking" on the Food Network) the next day and I think it was just too much. I don't just want to go in and do just one day."

Plus, she acknowledged, she might be a little out of practice. "I haven't acted in five years and I wanted to have the script for more than one day. And I want to be able to really be there with them and soak it all in. Maybe after this quarantine is all over, I'll still be able to do something with them. I really love all those great people behind the show. What they've done is really amazing. I want to do it so bad!"

Cast from "One Day at a Time," the reboot: From l., Marcel Ruiz, Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez.
Cast from "One Day at a Time," the reboot: From l., Marcel Ruiz, Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez.Netflix

The original show focused on divorced mom Anne Romano (Bonnie Franklin), who was raising her teenage daughters Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) and Barbara (Bertinelli) Cooper. They all lived in an apartment, and were frequently visited by the eccentric superintendent Schneider (Pat Harrington).

"I have such wonderful memories from those days," Bertinelli, 60, recalled. She was just 15 when the show first aired. "I was learning from the best. Bonnie was like a second mother to me, I absolutely adored her. And Pat Harrington just made me laugh so hard! Mackenzie really was like my sister. It was wonderful to grow up on that set. I learned so much."

And being a young star on a hit TV series was life-changing, she recalled. "I can still see the audience and remember the smells that were unique to the set and I can even feel my hand on the doorknob right before my cue to go on," she said. "I remember thinking that my children will be able to see this one day. Of course, I don't think my son (Wolfgang, 29, whose dad is Eddie Van Halen) has ever seen it! It's tough to find the whole series for some reason. People would love to watch these days!"

Since that interview, she seems to have found out the truth: that the original series is available in reruns, on Pluto TV. Bertinelli posted a sweet Instagram grid in April featuring pictures of herself in the classic series:

"Which is your Monday mood!?" she asked in the caption.

Hey, can we be all of them?

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