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Here's what 'Sex and the City' actor Ron Livingston thinks of Post-it breakup now

Ron Livingston looked back on his time playing Jack Berger on "Sex and the City" in an interview with TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

Carrie Bradshaw had numerous ill-fated love interests over the course of “Sex and the City,” but one breakup remains perhaps the most memorably devastating.

Her relationship with fellow writer Jack Berger (Ron Livingston) came to an end when he infamously dumped her with a Post-it note bearing three brief, yet unforgettable, sentences: “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”

Fifteen years after the episode aired, Livingston told TODAY he thinks fans are “over it” by now.

“There’s something about being in the age of texting, and Tinder where, like, a handwritten Post-it note is actually kind of old fashioned and quaint,” he pointed out. “You put some effort into that.”

However, Livingston’s favorite scene to film on the HBO series was the dinner with the fabulous foursome during which Berger gives Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) some tough-love advice about a recent date, telling her, “He’s just not that into you.”

“There weren't a lot of boyfriends that got to do the scenes with everybody,” he said. “Usually the boyfriends were in the boyfriend ghetto, and your stuff would only be with Sarah Jessica, or Cynthia, or whoever you were. But so that was kinda cool. I felt like I was, you know, an insider on the show when I got to sit in on that.”

He’s also a fan of the episode in which Carrie berates Berger for making the heroine of his novel wear an unfashionable scrunchie.

SEX AND THE CITY, Ron Livingston, Sarah Jessica Parker
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“I think scrunchie stock plummeted after we did that,” he joked. “Some people, like, lost their shirts on that. I got death threats from, like, you know, scrunchie nation. It's all right. It's come back in somewhere.”

Sometimes Livingston is surprised when he’s recognized from his stint on “SATC.”

“I was at a Lakers basketball game, courtside,” he recalled. “And on an inbound, Kobe Bryant went to inbound the ball. But right before he did, he kinda glanced over, and did a double take, and said, ‘Berger?’ And the Lakers were down, like, six or seven too. So I didn't think Berger would be the guy that he recognized, so think maybe his wife was in charge of the remote control at that point. But he knew the show.”

Livingston looks back fondly on his time on “SATC,” calling the four leads “lovely” to work with.

“I came in, I think it was season six, so it was a well oiled machine,” he said. “It was the easiest job in the world, 'cause the ladies did all the heavy lifting. And you know, the boyfriends would swan in for a scene or two here and there, and then have the rest of the week off in New York City. So it was a really fun job.”