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Here's what Julia Louis-Dreyfus thinks of her 'Seinfeld' looks now

The Emmy-winning funny lady opened up to Vogue about her character's quirky clothes.
/ Source: TODAY

Julia Louis-Dreyfus may chuckle when she looks back on her "Seinfeld" wardrobe, but she admits she chose a lot of her character's quirky clothes herself.

"I'm afraid I did have a lot of influence on Elaine's outfits," the Emmy-winning funny lady, 58, reveals in a hilarious new video for Vogue.

The 10-minute video finds the actress looking back at 1990s pics of herself decked out in signature Elaine Benes looks — including, naturally, lots of floral-patterned dresses with white bobby socks and clunky Oxford shoes.

"At the time, I thought, 'There is nothing groovier than this look,'" she shares.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus models one of Elaine's signature looks: floral-patterned dress, white socks, and clunky Oxford shoes.NBC

Elaine was an offbeat character, so it only followed her clothes be a bit offbeat, too.

“She definitely dictated her own style," says the star. "She was not somebody who dressed super-sexy. That wasn’t her vibe."

All those shapeless dresses and skirts also served a practical purpose.

"Frankly I was pregnant twice during 'Seinfeld,'" Louis-Dreyfus shares. "So all this oversized clothing was very helpful to me as a pregnant person, both getting more and more pregnant and then becoming less and less pregnant after giving birth."

Louis-Dreyfus was inspired by the 1990s love of vintage fashions, but she admits she may have missed the mark more often than not.

Pausing at one photo of herself in a brown suede fringe jacket, the actress calls the look "unfortunate."

"It was actually mine," she confesses. "I still have this."

Now, two decades after "Seinfeld" went off the air, the idea of Elaine's kooky style making a comeback is not one Louis-Dreyfus endorses.

“I encourage you who are listening to this little piece right now: Don’t wear these clothes again! Don’t do it," the actress says. "I made the mistake. Learn from my mistakes.”