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Here's how the 'Roseanne' revival will honor late actor who played Becky's husband

Glenn Quinn, the actor who played Mark, died in 2002, but the "Roseanne" revival will honor the actor's memory in multiple ways.
/ Source: TODAY

When "Roseanne" returns to television this spring, one character fans will miss seeing is Becky's rebellious boyfriend-turned-husband Mark.

Glenn Quinn, the Irish-born actor who played Mark, died in 2002, but the "Roseanne" revival will honor his memory in multiple ways, says star and creator Roseanne Barr. For starters, in the new episodes, the character of Mark is deceased — and missed.

The "Roseanne" revival honors the memory of late actor Glenn Quinn, who played Becky's rebellious boyfriend-turned-husband Mark.ABC/Getty Images

"We all missed Glenn so much, because he was just a great part of the show, and it's not something we wanted to just gloss over," Barr told PopSugar.

Executive producer Bruce Helford explained, "From the writing standpoint...when you have a show that's so naturalistic, we had to deal with that and that Becky was going to be single."

"We all had great affection for Glenn," Helford added of the late actor, who died of a drug overdose at 32. "We really wanted to say something. He comes up a couple times. It isn't just (the March 27 premiere episode). He comes up a couple times in the course of the nine episodes."

Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and her husband David (Johnny Galecki) — Mark's little brother — also honor Mark's memory by naming their son after him.

Gilbert told PopSugar, "It allowed us to pay tribute to (Quinn) in the show."

The "Roseanne" revival premieres on ABC in a special hourlong episode on March 27.