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By royal decree, here are the 1st photos from the 'Coming to America' sequel

Prince Akeem is back.
/ Source: TODAY

Good morning, my neighbors! Are you interested in some rare, precious photos ... from the upcoming "Coming 2 America" film?

Of course you are!

Eddie Murphy is a prince of a guy in "Coming 2 America."Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios, which will release the sequel to 1988's "Coming to America" in March, has released several first-look stills from the film, and we have to say — they are worth a king's ransom!

COMING TO AMERICA, from left, Aresnio Hall, Eddie Murphy, 1988, (C)Paramount/courtesy Everett Collecti
The dynamic duo of Arsenio Hall and Murphy from the original "Coming to America."Courtesy Everett Collection

As we learned in November, "Coming 2 America" (which will bring back Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem and Arsenio Hall as his personal attendant Semmi) was finally getting a 2021 release on Prime Video on March 5. The film had been meant to come out in theaters on Dec. 18, but the pandemic upended those plans.

Murphy and his on-screen wife Lisa (Shari Headley) in the sequel.Courtesy of Amazon Studios

No matter: We can't wait to see what's been going on with Akeem and his next visit to the U.S. And also, how is it that he isn't king of Zamunda yet already?

The king's (James Earl Jones) dying wish kicks things into gear.Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Well, as it turns out he has new business that brings him back to Queens: A long-lost son he never knew he had, whom he's promised to bring up as the new crown prince. High jinks, no doubt, will ensue.

Looks like there's a visit to the barbershop in store for the visitors.Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The original film grossed over $288 million and was directed by John Landis. In it, the cosseted Crown Prince Akeem abandoned his cushy lifestyle to find a bride who would love him for himself, not his wealth or status. Semmi joined him on his quest, which took Akeem to Queens, New York, where he went undercover to find his match.

Rose petal priestess Garcelle Beauvais is also returning.Courtesy of Amazon Studios

As for the photos from the sequel, they're both a trip back into nostalgia and a look forward: There's James Earl Jones as King Jaffe! There's Shari Headley as Lisa! There are Murphy and Hall hamming it up in the barbershop again!

We're reasonably sure nobody'll be signing up to work fast food at McDowell's, but heck: anything is possible. So set your schedules now for March 5, and Amazon Prime!