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'Hercules' star Kellan Lutz denies dating Miley Cyrus: 'It's comical for me'

Kevin Mazur / Today
Kellan Lutz and Miley Cyrus attend Cyrus' unveiling of Beacher's Madhouse Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on Dec. 27.

Kellan Lutz has lots to talk about, including how he got super-buff for his role in the new film "The Legend of Hercules." But what everybody seems to want to really know about the "Twilight" actor is this: Are you dating Miley Cyrus?

Lutz took the query in good humor while visiting Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on TODAY Wednesday; he's had to address the topic ever since he and Cyrus were photographed at a party together.

"Do you see that picture?" he asked. "I mean, why would you assume that someone was dating (from that)? Miley and I have been friends ... it's comical for me. I'm a public figure, she's a public figure, I've been friends with her for six years and we're in the same circle.... I'm dating everyone these days, let's just start that rumor!"

More grounded in reality was how, in just nine days he was able to prepare to play the title demigod in "Hercules," a role that gives his upper torso a star turn. 

"I live quite an active lifestyle," he allowed, but said he had to work intensively with a trainer who put him on horseback. "They put me on a horse, and that's a great workout for your legs and your core; sword fighting is great for your shoulders and your chest."

Quick training wasn't Lutz's only preparation for the role, in which he did his own stunts. As he noted, he grew up being trained every day for the rough-and-tumble lifestyle. "I grew up with five brothers in the house," he grinned. "Every day was a bit of a stunt work... Live action movie in the house!"

"The Legend of Hercules" opens in theaters on Jan. 10.