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Help Kathie Lee: How do you treat a bee sting?

Kathie Lee showed off her foot, swollen from a bee sting.

How was your weekend? Chances are it was better than Kathie Lee's.

This morning, she shared that she'd been stung — and bad, by a bee.

Kathie Lee's swollen foot.

KLG was out in her backyard, as she told it, and "as I was coming in the door, I feel this unbelievable pain coming through my left ankle, and I go, 'ohhhh, something just bit me and it ain't good.'" 

It was a bee. A bee that had managed to crawl into her boot.

"Apparently he had his way more than once with me," she said.

To prove her point, Kathie Lee showed off her bee-stung foot next to her normal foot. One was swollen up twice the size of the other. "I have a cankle now," she lamented.

"So, you're taking Benadryl? Why hasn't it gone down?" asked Hoda. "It's been since Saturday." 

Dissatisfied with the lack of results from the Benadryl, Kathie Lee asked TODAY viewers to share their bee sting remedies, and boy did they ever. 

Some tips for KLG straight from the TODAY Facebook page? "Make sure the stinger is out, keep your foot elevated; and soak it in epsom salts." 

And then there were the more out-there suggestions: "Soak in pickle juice for two hours. Or put potato skins on it."

"Ew, don't do that," advised Hoda. 

KLG tried sticking her foot in a vat of pickle juice.

But sure enough, later in the show KLG could be found standing with one foot in a tub of pickle juice. 

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