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Hell's Bitchin': Gordon Ramsay Takes Family Feud Public

Gordon Ramsay's ingredients may be secret, but his family battles are out for the world to see.
/ Source: E!online

Gordon Ramsay's ingredients may be secret, but his family battles are out for the world to see.

The hot-tempered celebrity chef has released a scathing open letter to his mother-in-law, Greta Hutcheson, in the Londond Standard, explaining exactly why he fired her husband--his father-in-law--Chris, after 12 years of being tight business partners.

And out come the knives...

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Ramsay, 44, kicks off his diatribe saying it ain't easy airing his dirty laundry. "This has to be one of the most painful letters I've ever had to write," he writes.

He goes on to reveal how his wife, Tana, was asked by her mom to "stay away from her family" and how it's "awfully wrong."

"You're punishing your daughter and our four children, for all the wrong reasons, it's so sad," he writes. "She's an amazing woman and you've been a fantastic mum...please don't stop!"

Ramsay's rift with his father-in-law began when Hutcheson gave a newspaper interview calling his son-in-law a "monster" who fired Hutcheson from their company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, and accused Ramsay of having mood swings as a result of drug use.

"My God did that hurt," writes Ramsay. "How dare he ever suggest this on the back of my frustration and dealings with my younger brother and his addiction."

In the letter, the Kitchen Nightmares host also shows a caring, but still stern side when it comes to his failing familial relations.

"Removing my father-in-law from my business has been the hardest and most important decision in my entire life," he wrote. "For a decade, his manipulation and controlling of so many lives has finally come to an end."

Ramsay, no stranger to public battles, even admits he'd hired a private eye to to tail the 62-year-old to check on the deals he was making and see how he was spending his days off.

Hutcheson, who was the chief exec of the company, remains a shareholder. He denies ever accusing Ramsay of drug use.

Ramsay said the office atmosphere, without Hutcheson, is now a "breath of fresh air."

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