'Hello' Adele, bye-bye Psy! Adele hit breaks billion-view record on YouTube

/ Source: TODAY

Back in 2012, it seemed no music video could possibly be more popular than Psy's K-pop smash "Gangnam Style." In just 158 days, it raked in over 1 billion views on YouTube, a record.

But now that record has been broken by a woman who's making a habit of breaking records lately.

Adele's video for "Hello" hit the billion mark in just 87 days.

YouTube revealed the rankings Thursday.

And to put the accomplishment in perspective, consider this: Only 17 music videos have ever hit the billion mark. Among them is Justin Bieber's megahit "Baby," but it took that clip over four years to earn a spot on the short list.

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"Hello," the first single released from Adele's album "25," also shattered download and streaming records the week it was released, while "25" went on to become the fastest-selling record of 2015.

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