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'Hell on Wheels' star Common talks Elam's bossy new job 

An office with a coffeemaker and dusty floors might not sound like much to us, but in 1867, that was probably pretty cushy digs!

Rapper Common, who stars on the AMC's Western drama "Hell on Wheels," is giving viewers a tour of his character's new office in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip shared with TODAY.com. Common plays railroad police chief Elam Ferguson, who received the coveted job "by default" after the reigning police chief, Dick Barlow (played by Matthew Glave), was killed off in the season three premiere. 

Common says his character is excited for his new gig.

"I know it's a responsibility that I can use to take care of my family," he says in the clip of Elam, who is a former slave. "It is a position I know I can do well at.

"I'm there to take care of business," Common says of his character, who, in this week's episode will journey with Cullen (Anson Mount) into Native American territory to find a new source of lumber.

The show airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on AMC.